I haven’t played in years. A decade maybe. Finally, after nearly six months of trying to make plans to play, Charmain and I found ourselves at Tampines Safra (and it was only due to Palex’s generosity in helping secure the court that we could play).

Awesome fun. I haven’t perspired like that in a while. I guess swimming, climbing, and walking the dog does not really count as cardio, because just after 20 minutes of badminton, I was dripping wet. My stamina was pathetic – we must have been radically optimistic that we could play uninterrupted for 2 hours, for we had to stop and rest after every 20 minutes or so, and bowed out with more than a half hour to go. Still, I was happily surprised to see that I haven’t lost my ball sense, and could volley back shots quite comfortably.

My calves and arms are even aching a little today! Hehe, but it could also be the twin combination of both climbing and badminton in a day.

So, all in all, a fun weekend, despite being holed up at home working on a project the entire day Saturday (and for the record, I have quite a few people to properly thank for their support and help, no matter what the outcome turns out to be!).


10 thoughts on “Badminton

  1. WOW! Wished I were there to play too! Too bad duty called.

    Stamina for sports takes time… I started dying after 1 hour of tennis, but am now playing 2 hours squash, followed immediately by 1 hour tennis, and still got energy left! Just gotta play regularly!

    When’s the next badminton session???

  2. after italy tour, i start Dec 28th. FAST HOR? sickening. but oh well, couple of days then will be new years holiday woohoo.

    ruoxi and i need a car to escape from home once in awhile.

    • Congratulations on your return! you must be so excited to finally make use of your mahjong deck! 🙂

      so, you want to buy car issit? can’t borrow your uncle’s sweet vintage car? what you gonna buy?

  3. i can’t drive stick and that car is not allowed on the roads more than 30 days a year or so. its ridiculous.

    yeah i have some serious decorating to do woopie.

    yeah ruoxi and i need to share a car, its kinda unaffordable otherwise. what do you recommend? how much is a prius? email me if u want

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