Badminton, the new high

There is something deeply satisfying about running after a small shuttlecock, and smashing it across the net. Even more so when it leaves you completely breathless, aching, and drenched. I love having to mope my brow of sweat (thank goodness the days of futilely wiping fogged up glasses on damp shirts are over), and looking down at the sheen of sweat on my legs. Climbing doesn’t give me this kind of aerobic high, ala the recent article from the NY Times, Exercising Makes You Less Anxious.

I do believe I’m hooked, although I don’t have that much time left here to turn badminton playing into a routine. In any case, this weekend, I played two rounds of badminton. The first, on late Saturday evening (9-11pm), with Charmain, JH, and RX, following an afternoon of scaling walls. Char and I joined her friends on Sunday afternoon for round 2, and by the time we were done, I was exhausted. I struggled to stay awake until a respectable time to go to bed, and then blissfully fell promptly asleep at 10pm.

Good times indeed!


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