And we ate whatever was served up

Hachi, an Omakase Dinner

Not many things can beat a quiet evening seated at a counter of a Japanese restaurant, with a very close friend, chatting about anything and everything, while the chef decides what else to serve up for our dinner.

So it was that last night, TPR and I did precisely that. We rang in the previous year at Kaiho in Cuppage, and this year, we decided to continue the theme, but this time at Hachi, a restaurant I had read about online (to rave reviews).

We sipped a carafe of chilled sake while we munched on possibly the freshest and best done asparagus dipped in mayonnaise and mustard sauce (good asparagus, I’ve learnt, is surprisingly difficult to cook – all my creations are either too limp or way too crunchy); slurped up delicious soba noodles; popped the big salty and juicy fish roes into our mouths; felt satisfying sensation of the fats from the pan seared foie gra bursting into our mouth… all in all, we had about 10 dishes (to be confirmed by the photographic evidence from TPR’s camera), but the portions and the pacing was decent, so I didn’t feel too stuffed towards the end.

Beautiful times. 🙂


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