And we ate and ate and climbed

Back from a lovely weekend trip with Rachel, Thomas, Lina, and Laura to Batu Caves, Malaysia, for a spot of climbing. Not so lovely is the fact that I have over a dozen really itchy bites on my body, and I have no idea if they were from mosquitoes or the more insidious bed bugs (new ones seem to keep appearing).

We really only climbed at Batu Caves itself on Saturday afternoon; on Sunday, we decided to ditch the moist walls and dirt for the relative comfort of Asia’s largest indoor climbing gym, Camp 5. We climbed some good routes at both places – the most memorable was the 2-pitch route at Batu Caves itself. While I didn’t lead either pitch (Laura led the first while Rachel put up the second), I hung out at the anchors of the first pitch for a painfully long time, giving both Rachel and Lina belays up the second pitch. Painful because there wasn’t a proper ledge that I could stand on, so I had to sit in my harness and fight the growing numbness in my legs the entire time. Still, it was fun to do a multi-pitch; Lina was ecstatically taking pictures of herself the entire time. 🙂

The other highlight of the trip was the food. And oh my, how we stuffed our faces! To the consternation of Thomas, who is Norwegian and has selective food preferences, we hauled him off to try roast duck, roast pork, prawn hor fun, bak kut teh (I think I prefer the Singaporean version for its peppery goodness; the Malaysians can go change the name of the dish and claim it for their own for all I care), prawn hor fun etc.


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