Spanner in the works

A hearty midday beer and a nap later, I feel better. My day began in fits and starts; woke up with a start at 530am and automatically reached for my phone to check my email. Any update from the attorneys?

Yes, but the prognosis was no good. Due to a stupid mistake on their part, my visa application had been delayed. Apparently, the amendment would take longer than expected – maybe up to a week.

That is a week more than I have time to spare before my flight out. I swear, this visa mess has become the bane of my existence. I nearly couldn’t go back to a job at RJ three years ago, and this time my start date at the new firm is also in jeopardy.

At 11am I decided to head back to the embassy to see if there was anything they could do for me. Patiently, I twiddled my thumbs, eavesdropped on other similarly anxious applicants (some with even more impending flights than mine). On the whole, the embassy staff seemed sympathetic, and most people left the place relieved.

I was the last one to be called up to the counter two hours later; it was the same lady who had taken my case the day before. I’m sorry she pronounced, after a lengthy conversation with her colleagues that gave me no few moments of small hope. I’m sorry if we seem nitpicky to you, but we really do need the final amended form, even if it was a minor change tha had to be made to the original.

So, damn sian I tell you. All my carefully scheduled plans, up in the air like that. With any luck, I will be able to sort everything out and still fly out on time. But hopefully, even in the worst case scenario, I will still be able to start work on the 1st. What an absolute blooming pain.


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