The haircut, or how I realised I’m not meant to be hip

It was time to get another haircut. I was looking forward to this, particularly if it meant getting rid of the extra long two side locks. The previous time I was at the hairdresser’s, I complained about those two uneven locks. He convinced me, it’s the fashion nowadays. “You will look very country bumpkin otherwise.”

Against my better judgment, I acceded then. But those annoying locks kept getting in the way. While I was eating my soup noodles, while brushing my teeth.

We walked into the salon, my mum and I, and the owner came up to us smiling. Anyone you had in mind? The locks-dude wasn’t anywhere in sight, and since I couldn’t remember anyone’s name, I shrugged no.

We were ushered into two chairs. As soon as I saddled in, locks-dude sidled up. Argh. Too polite to ask for a change, I could only ask that he give me a short but simple haircut that was easy to maintain. He went to town.

Snip snip snip, went his scissors. Snip snip snip. I could only watch with widened eyes as he happily cut of layers and layers of hair. Again, he deliberately left one side longer than the other. Erm, could you please even it out? Oh no, the point is to slap on some moose on your hair, fluff it up a bit, over the top, give it more volume. It’ll look cool!

What can I say, I’m a pushover when it comes to haircuts. I just let him do his job and then quietly seethed about it. I have to admit though, after he was done with the geling and all, it didn’t look as terrible as I’d thought.

But that was with all that moose. After I’d showered, the horror of it hit me. I’m starting a new job! In the US! Where funky Asian hair doesn’t quite cut it (and neither does highlights, evidently!)!

So, on Saturday, after a morning of climbing at Dairy Farm with Laura, Lina brought me to the $10-10 min hair salon by her place. It’s a tiny little place, with only three seats. There was a mirror and a tiny TV in front of every seat, and an episode of Mr. Bean trying to cut the hair of salon customers was playing on loop. To reassure us customers that even if the hair stylists screwed up, it wouldn’t be as disastrous? But my hair stylist was comforting. No worries, I can save it for you! But, she cautioned, I can’t just do a trim; I have to cut it even shorter!

I think she snipped off at least another 2 inches. From the 3-4 inches the previous stylist had cut off. But she was efficient, and pretty fast. True to promise, she was done in 10 minutes. And the locks was even.

Just as I was about to stand up to leave though, she stopped me. Wait, let me clean up the cut hair for you. With that, she pulled off a vacuum cleaner from the wall, and stuck it to my head.


5 thoughts on “The haircut, or how I realised I’m not meant to be hip

  1. Your interesting hair journeys… Well, if it helps, you look more mature with your new hairdo. Some would say “ah-ma” style! 😉

    • Hahah yah! 😀 And I have a brand new helmet! Have never worn one for skiing till now, but I figured since I have helmets for climbing and cycling already, might as well be consistent with the safety factor.

      So have you guys decided if you are going to stay overnight on Sat?

  2. I am trying so hard to figure out what that side locks look like. and the before and after. haha. =S

    good that you still manage to fly off with a haristyle that gives comfort and fits your personality!

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