I landed in the middle of a deep, freezing winter

A very comfortable flight later (love the newly upgraded United business class – 180 degree recliner seats!) – I am finally back in Chicago. Going through immigration, and collecting my baggage was a breeze; I was out in 15 minutes. Ah, the perks of business class. However, Jeff didn’t think that I would be out so early so I ended up waiting for him for 20 minutes.

Chicago is cold. So. Very. Cold. Evidently, I’m no longer used to the biting wind and bone-freezing numbness – and it’s only -10 degrees C. Could have been worse. But my nose is already raw from all the wiping off runny snot.

Everyone asks, how does it feel to be back?

I don’t know yet. I didn’t know what to feel when I left Singapore too. It’s too soon probably, and besides, I haven’t started work proper yet, even though I’m more or less settled in with all my stuff unpacked and tucked neatly away. 😀


One thought on “I landed in the middle of a deep, freezing winter

  1. I remember Chicago winters. Brrr! I’m afraid living in New Zealand has made me soft now, and I don’t think I could handle it like I used to. Bundle up and keep warm. I hope you have a good winter coat!

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