It’s time to go full throttle

Currently at the Denver Airport, waiting for the flight back to Chicago.

Hard to believe it is only about a month since I returned from diving in Sipadan, less than a week since I left Singapore.

The past few days were phenomenal – skiing in Winter Park with Jeff. Chuck joined us a day later on Friday, and Teow and Mark on Saturday. I was pretty chuffed about the skiing; I can see definite improvement from a couple years ago, when Jeff, Chuck, and a couple other guys and I went skiing in Banff. Don’t know if I will have more opportunites to ski again this season, but oh well. 🙂

Teow had recommended us to stay at the Timberhouse Lodge, and it was an excellent choice! The NYTimes had an article about the lodge last year as well; it is one of those dying breeds of guesthouses where skiers stay at and dine together in a cosy, communal environment. Breakfasts and dinners are provided (and oh so good!) and after dinner, people gather in the sitting room for games or movies. We had a very enjoyable experience and delighted in chatting with all the other guests (mostly retired folk during the weekdays) who hail from all walks of life and have amusing and interesting anecdotes to share. Kind of like staying in a hostel, but without the raucous laughter and oftentimes alcohol/drug induced high. I wonder why such guest houses are falling out of favour; such a pity!

Oh, and along the way, I turned 28. It was a low key affair; just plenty of skiing. 🙂 but I have also sort of celebrated before with friends in Singapore; I realized that I actually had four cakes this year! Haha after zero cakes but plenty of wine in previous years.

Anyway, tomorrow is the big day. After what seems like forever, I am starting work again. It is time to go full throttle. My one big resolution of the year is to work hard, and I have had, as everyone will no doubt agree, plenty of rest. I am a little nervous though, and hope that I can exceed expectations. More importantly, I hope that this will be it: the job that I can take pride in and enjoy. Wake up every morning excited and raring to go. I’m 28; it’s time to work upwards.


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