Caught a cold from the cold

Bleah, I’m sniffing my nose off just my third day into the job. Not a good start, health-wise. Hit rock bottom today, when I discovered I couldn’t really taste my food. It was only when I chewed some Thai chilies at dinner tonight with Q, Z, and Jeff that I had a brief respite. Can you imagine going through life without being able to taste or smell and just having to go by the texture of the food? Yikes.

Job-wise, I’m excited and things have got off to a promising start. Looking forward to more challenges and to getting to know everyone better!

Oh on a quick related note, it was funny walking into work the first day in my professional work clothes and seeing everyone else in jeans. Some guys were wearing sweatshirts and t-shirts! Just like back in college. Chas walked by and was like, hey you are totally overdressed! But that’s ok, all newcomers start out that way. Haha I guess that’s how you distinguish the old hands. I have no complains on that end. That’s my default dress anyway. ๐Ÿ™‚ Time to get new jeans!

Oh and we also have exercise balls to sit on in addition to normal chairs. I googled the benefits of these balls – apparently it can help you build abs? Awesome. Guess who’s gonna be making full use of them!

Otherwise, I’m quickly settling in to life back here. We’ve filled in my calendar for the bulk of the month already – dinners, gatherings, operas. And wine tastings of course. ๐Ÿ˜€ Even half of March has been scheduled as well. Still need to find time to look for a car; gonna view some apartments this Sunday too.


One thought on “Caught a cold from the cold

  1. Sounds like you definitely hit the ground running! Good work! Wished I could sit on balancing balls in office too. Then I will keep awake!

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