Wine, wine, wine

One definite thing good about coming back to Chicago: wine. 🙂

I’ve had wine almost every day this week. A glass here and there for dinner, and then some.

Let’s see. Sunday – Tuesday, we cooked dinner at home, washed down with a bottle of wine, spread over three days. It was a bottle of Arger-Martucci Cabernet Franc from Napa Valley, 2004; tasted like a Cabernet Sauvignon actually. On Tuesday evening, before dinner, I also had 3 tasting glasses from Just Grapes; went with my new coworkers for a ladies’ evening out. Good times; good wines. Didn’t drink Wednesday – but that was because I was down with a cold and couldn’t smell/taste anything anyway. Thursday, Jeff and I went to Just Grapes for some wine tasting again, and then went out for dinner with 3 other friends, and we shared 3 awesome bottles: 2 Spanish wines (a white and a red), and a red from Oregon, De Ponte Pinot Noir. 😀

Tonight, we cooked again for dinner, and split a bottle of Eroika Riesling 2007, Jeff’s favorite. I was actually signed up for a wine tasting my company organized today too (they hold tastings every month), but unfortunately missed it because I was stuck in a meeting. I was also supposed to meet my ex-coworkers for some drinks after work, but they had to reschedule at the last minute. No matter, the Eroika was good, as always.

Then, tomorrow, it’s off to another wine tasting event in the evening, Jon’s much anticipated horizontal Capiaux tasting.

I am one happy soul.


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