New Found Appreciation of Just What I’m Eating

So we haven’t made the toasted bread and onion soup, nor the red wine braised lamb yet. Our intentions were good – we went as far as buying the groceries. But a side trip to Katy’s Dumplings to pick up frozen dumplings for Lida’s hot pot on Friday threw us off. We were hungry, and the notion of filling our stomachs with spicy hot Sichuan noodles were too tempting to pass up.

We arrived home, a little guilty at not having cooked, or made use of our spanking new ramekins. The memory of Pane Cafe’s lemon pudding with blueberries that we brought to Sandy’s new year eve hot pot dinner was still fresh in our minds though, so we decided to try recreate that.

OMG. Do you know how much fat goes into creme brulees?!?! A six serving recipe calls for 1 cup of vanilla sgar, and a quart of fresh cream.

It took a pretty long time too – such that by the time we were done baking it, it was close to midnight… and we still had to let it sit in the fridge for a couple hours!

But that makes for a nice hearty breakfast in the morning, together with an egg white omelette with cherry tomatoes.


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