Chasing Winter

On the one hand, I’m tired of the cold. Suddenly the sticky warmth of Singapore’s muggy heat doesn’t seem quite so bad after all. There’s so much to look forward to in Spring too – weekend hiking trips with Sage, camping and outdoor cooking with the winos, climbing with the gang… And just strolling around in flip flops instead of shoes (although I have been going sock-less in my toasty Uggs).

On the other, I’m not quite done with winter yet. Today, we went ice skating, just a week before the skating rink closes shop for the season. It was fun, even though I can’t skate to save my life. But I definitely could feel an improvement. Whereas I started out clinging onto the railings for dear life, or otherwise flailing my arms like a drowning person, by the end of the hour, I could manage an awkward glide and shuffle. Gonna give it another shot next week, before the season ends.

Then this Saturday, five of us are heading up to Wisconsin for a spot of cross country skiing. 😀 Lida needed a bit of convincing to get off her ass, but as soon as hot spiced wine was promised, she capitulated. I’m looking forward; it’s been years since I have cross country skied. Ever since I picked up downhill again. Hehe.

And we’re still trying to figure out destinations for a late late season downhill ski trip. The previous two years, we had fabulous times in Utah’s Alta/Snowbird and Colorado’s A-Basin, but so far, the resorts don’t seem to have built up much of a snow base. And while I’m quite done with snow in downtown Chicago, my fingers are tightly crossed that the mountains will suddenly get a huge dumping!


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