Just another wine and climb weekend

We lost an hour today, thanks to daylight savings. Grumbled a lot in the morning, especially when we had to wake up at the equivalent of 630 am just so we could make it to the climbing gym by 930am sharp. We had a tight agenda to follow: climbing from 930-12pm, so we could hit the Binny’s annual Midwest tasting by 1230pm.

The climbing was good, as usual. Jeff was really chuffed – he nailed his first lead climb! Eugene egged him on and urged him to give it a shot, and up and away he went, with nary a worry about falling. 🙂 I followed that same route after, on top rope, but I doubt that I would have flashed it.

Lida had gathered a big group of people for the wine tasting; well, those who were on the ball and bought tickets way in advance at least – the event sold out three days prior. I was feeling a little faint when we arrived, because I hadn’t eaten anything all morning, so we made our way to the cheese stand first and gobbled down several pieces each before we hit the wine stands.

The lineup of wines were long, and there were several expensive bottles for tasting, but we weren’t for the most part, impressed with them. The M Mondavi, for one, showed promise in the nose, but I didn’t like the body nor the finish. Perhaps it’ll show better in a couple years? Everyone had a blast tasting though. Though at first we stuck to our targeted wineries, after a couple hours, our palates started to tire, so we just wandered around the 130 tables, stopping and tasting whatever wine we fancied. In the end, most everyone left with orders of wine. We bought 4 Spanish bottles. 😀


One thought on “Just another wine and climb weekend

  1. I was just spoiled by Escarpment Vineyard here in NZ. They took me and some friends through a sneak peak of all their yet-to-be-released 2010 Pinot Noirs. Heaven!

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