Patience is the essential virtue

Of which I sorely lack. I am not one to sit well with anticipation. Will you hold my hand already damn it? Did I merely pass the test or did I ace it? Did I get the job or not?

How did the sellers take my offer?

Yes, we have taken the big plunge into the unknown, and placed a bid on a huge purchase. So huge, that we have to take out a loan over the next few/many years. An offer for a condo.

So now I am sitting here, wondering how it will pan out, while feeling grateful to my agent and friend and J for being in the process as well. So they can prevent me from showing hand too early, or hopefully, if at all.

We will see what happens.


6 thoughts on “Patience is the essential virtue

  1. What is interesting is that barely after 10 minutes of posting this, we were informed that there was another bidder. Hence the sellers now gave us up till the end of today to offer what could essentially be our walkaway price.

    Spices things up definitely. Isn’t this supposed to be a buyer’s market?

  2. Latest update: Oh well. We put in our walkaway price in the end, but the other party “came in substantially higher”. The funny thing is that if we had just offered a week earlier, it would have gone to us. But it’s ok. We didn’t overpay, and that’s the most important bit.

  3. “Will you hold my hand already damn it?”


    Everything good comes to he (or she) who waits. The best is just around the corner. For now, enjoy the weekend!

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