Out on Lake Michigan

From 2010-05-01 Sailing

Great start to May! Dim sum early in the morning with R&W, and two of their friends from out of town, where R&W basically gave us good contacts for painters and W said his brother could do up a really nice kitchen backsplash for our new place. 🙂

In the afternoon, Kayla and I joined Rog, T, and Ed out on the lake for some sailing. The session started out with overcast skies but strong winds, which made for really great sailing. But midway through, it started to rain, so for a good half hour, we were sitting huddled tight together in the boat, trying to steal some warmth. But just as we were starting to think about turning back, the clouds broke, and the sun came out, quickly warming our backs. 🙂

Capped the evening with dinner at Sura, a great Japanese-Thai restaurant in the ‘hood, followed by dessert at Molly’s Cupcakes. What the hell, I’ll add one more :). 🙂


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