Blast from the past

From Random

Out of the blue Monday, I received an email from an old college friend whom I’ve not seen or really talked to in five years: she was in town for work a couple of days, and thought I might be back in Chicago again. Would I like to hang out?

For sure! Even though, by the time we did meet up, it was 1030pm on a Tuesday night.

She met me at my favorite haunt, Duke of Perth (though now my current love is DMK, mmm), along with Carlos, another old college friend. Although we had pretty much lost touch (except via stalking one another through FB), the conversation – and scotch and wine – flowed easily. Reminisced about the crazy adventures we had (in Rome, and around Chicago), and caught up on all the saucy details of recent happenings. Before we knew it, it was closing time. 1am. 🙂

Hopefully we’ll do a better job of keeping in touch again – we’ve made plans to hang out in NYC next weekend when I’ll be in town.


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