Weekend in the burbs

Most of this weekend was spent wandering around the suburbs. Climbing, then furniture hunting. The weather was awesome – cool but sunny. We were sitting in the car or indoors in the stores for the most part, but at least I did get another sunglasses tan.

At this point, we have bought, or at least noted down, all of the furniture we need to buy. Bought a bedframe, dresser, and two night stands from The Room Place on Saturday. Spent the better part of Sunday wandering around Ikea. We bought a ton of stuff (nearly quite literally) then had to return mos of it when they told us delivery in a month (rather than in two days) would cost an extra $200. Bah.

On almost a whim, we decided at the last minute to swing by Lida’s favorite furniture store, Dania. Loved it! Regretfully, we went almost at closing, but we’re gonna get our dining set and barstools from them. 🙂

Lest the weekend be spent entirely out of Chicago, on Saturday evening, we had dinner at David’s (who has got the largest moose head I’ve ever seen – indeed the only one I’ve seen, dead or alive – mounted on his living room wall), where Wes showed off his brother’s backsplash handiwork over the kitchen counter. We are gonna get him to help us put up a country-tiled backsplash theme for our kitchen too. Hehe.


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