The Walk

After having walked through so many of Manhattan’s neighborhood, I was inspired to try doing the same in Chicago. So yesterday evening, we decided to walk home from work.

The entire distance was around 5.7 miles, but as you can see from the map above, we didn’t complete it. A little more than halfway through, I decided I was too hungry to want to wait till 9pm. And since our journey saw us go right by Green Tea; sushi seemed much more attractive. And so we sat in front of the tiny bar (the entire restaurant seats all of 10 people), watched the chefs deftly assemble our fresh rolls, and then wolfed it down. We could have completed the rest of the walk, but we had to rush back to meet the painter for his quotations…

Still, it was an enjoyable evening. My favorite portion of the walk was through Gold Coast, past the immaculate rows of gorgeous town homes that I could only dream of one day owning. 🙂 It was also a good prep for the JP Morgan Corporate Chase Challenge that we did tonight (I actually ran half the distance, hehe).

I reckon it’ll be fun to do more of such walks during these beautiful months. Next week, we’ll try walking home again, this time via Old Town, where we can stop enroute for some taco goodness. Heh.


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