Down the Lower Fox River

The original intention was to head over to Horse Shoe Canyon, in Arkansas, or even Devil’s Lake, in Wisconsin, for a Memorial Day Weekend of climbing. But our group was too big, and some of us didn’t really want to spend the entire weekend away. So we shifted tack and decided on a day of canoeing down the Lower Fox River in Illinois.

We couldn’t have chosen a better day to launch (especially with the benefit of hindsight. Sunday was too muggy and hot, and right now it’s Monday and the weather looks stormy). The day was warm, with a light breeze. In our sunglasses and caps, hats, and shirts fashioned into hats, we couldn’t wait to push off from the shore. So that we could have the perfect excuse to bust out our bottles of ice cold beer.

Hehe, so much for exercising. Our 12-mile canoeing trip consisted mainly of occasionally lifting the paddle to steer the canoes away from the sandy bluffs and tree-lined banks. Otherwise, we kicked back and relaxed with great craft beer, wine, homemade cookies, garlic potato salad, chilled chickpeas and long beans, dumplings, bourbon chicken, and lots of fruit. šŸ˜€


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