Weekend of Firsts

Weekend of the firsts:

Not mine, obviously, but Susan and Anne’s first time eating dim sum. We were more than happy to introduce them to it on a rainy Saturday morning. Anne must have been super excited about the prospect of Chinese food – she started driving in from the suburbs at past 7am in the morning… to meet us in Chinatown at 1030am.

My first time to H-Mart, the Korean supermarket up near Skokie. We were there to purchase a hot pot, but ended up leaving with bellies filled with all sorts of samples, and snacks.

My first time to Mitsuwa, the Japanese supermarket by Ikea. A bunch of us made the trek up there after climbing, for some delicious ramen goodness (this, coming after grumbling about the lack of good ramen options the night before with Kim and Yuki who were in town for the weekend and staying with us).

First time meeting Yuki, Kim’s friend from Atlanta. She’s funny, generous, but with a somewhat contradictory view on supremacy. For instance, she deplores white supremacy in South Africa, yet goes on to talk about how the Japanese, for the developments they introduced to the rest of “backward” Asia, were justified (to a certain extent) in instigating the second world war.

First time witnessing gay sex in our alley… Two drunk dudes apparently thought that the back of our neighbor’s garage was the place to get it on. Eeps. Maybe if they were cute it might not have been that disturbing. But they were slobby, with greasy curly hair and pasty white folds of skin. And clumsy. The way they fumbled getting their clothes back properly on before literally stumbling away arm in arm.


2 thoughts on “Weekend of Firsts

    • Eh, not really. Haha, I had to drive past them to get to my driveway, and then I had to sort of turn around to check to make sure they were gone before I got out of my car. Was afraid they might turn violent or something.

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