After an exhausting week almost entirely dedicated to moving, furniture building and unpacking, it was with a sweet sense of satisfaction that we were able to step back, sit down, and enjoy the place. And how better to do it with a small group of friends? Our table sits 8, so that’s how many of us there were last evening, laughing the night away with home cooked meals and fantastic wines.

I made my own version of bacon wrapped chicken drizzled in orange bourbon sauce with roasted vegetables, and also threw in a spinach quiche into the oven; Y and A brought us a home made pot filled with basil and oregano, as well as delicious puff pastry and a bottle of Floxglove Cab that was so fruit forward; R brought a healthy (no butter!!!) chocolate and peanut butter cake that was gone in seconds as soon as it was served and a bottle of Shiraz from Cellar No. on 8; Chuck brought a Rose Moet and Chandon that R was super taken with (pink foam!). This being a group that enjoys its drinks, of course, we brought out plenty more bottles to share: a lovely Chenin Blanc from L’Ecole 41 that went really well with the spicy puff pastry; a bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon from Chile’s Santa Rita; the half bottles of Tabor Hill Cabernet Franc Port and Lemon Winery Ice Wine (both from Michigan) that Wendy had given me and I had been saving for such an occasion. 🙂


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