Diving in Rachai Yai

KH came along with us – despite over 70 dives, this was the first time he was diving outside of Malaysia and was excited. Jeff was too, since this would be his very first trip. I was just excited about the prospect of going underwater again.

We might have picked a better location to go to… It was off season diving in Phuket, so choices were somewhat limited. But in any case, the weather was on our side. Three days before we went, divers had to contend with relentless rain and three/four feet waves. Yuch. When we were there, the sun was out in its full intensity, and the waters calm (but full of jelly fish) and clear.

School of Jack – favorite moment of my dives… No manta ray – or any kind of ray for that matter – but seeing this school kinda made up for it 🙂

Cuttlefish – I still have a long ways to go with underwater photography obviously…


Nudibranches are fun

Moray eel – sadly, the water temperatures were way too warm (30 degrees C)… most, if not all, the coral we saw were bleached. It was somewhat depressing hovering over the seeming wasteland underwater. At least we saw quite a number of eels, if not any clown fish.

Lion fish – Phuket had plenty of those to offer. We saw at least one per dive. Those, and the highly poisonous scorpion fishes too.

Overall, both KH and I were a little disappointed with the dives. I have been spoiled by Sipadan, and also lamented the bleached corals. And where were the manta rays and leopard sharks that C was raving about? The four short dives we had also seriously whetted my appetite for more (Hopefully next year… maybe we could squeeze in a trip to the Caribbeans?). Overall though, we had fun. It was nice to soak in the sun, sand, and sea, and the deliciously spicy Thai food. Jeff really enjoyed his discovery dives and can’t wait to get his actual OWC. 😀


3 thoughts on “Diving in Rachai Yai

  1. Heyo!

    Nice job with the photos, especially the cuttle-fish shot! Don’t worry, underwater photography is a lifelong art form, you’ll have plenty of time and opportunities to work on it!

    Naturally, Phuket can’t compare with Sipadan, or Bali for that matter. Best part about diving, according to the instructors, is that you’ll never know what you might see in the next dive, that’s why it stays interesting after thousands and thousands of dives 🙂

    Hope I will be lucky in Bali, and see lotsa different and colorful stuff! How about we start planning a trip to Layang Layang in April? With my luck in finding fish, and your talent for spotting animals in heat, we might just enjoy a really good hammerhead shark mating season!

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