Around the Square

I love our 8-seat square dining room table.

Yesterday evening, we had 6 guests over, and all night long, through 2am, we just sat around that table, eating, drinking, laughing… A truly delightful way to pass a drizzly evening by.

We made bacon wrapped dates, a chill summer avocado and bean salad, several delicious cuts of cheeses (Midnight Moon, Piave, Triple Cream Brie, Manchego), bought some homemade pizzas, and rounded off with some strawberry and nutella crepes.

For drinks, we kicked it off with some blanc de blanc sparkling, the Sauvete (should have chilled it more), a Viento Sangiovese that Rita and Wes lugged back from Oregon, and a bunch of Rhone wines that everyone else and us contributed. Oh and some super-smooth and white peppery El Tosoro tequila, and a roasted rice sake we had picked up from Narita Airport. đŸ™‚

Need more evenings like that.


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