Jazzin in Chicago

Chicago’s Jazz Tour Night. For $30 (or $15 if you bought a groupon), one could hop on the many trolleys plying the routes to a dozen jazz bars in the city from 6pm till midnight.

Six of us started the evening at Buddy Guy’s, a Blues lounge in the South Loop. Apparently there is a whole bunch of jazz clubs in my old neighborhood; I just never went to them! The music at Buddy’s was good -soulful and mellow, if a little too chill. But the waitress and the food wad terribly wanting though. I think even I would do a better job with the battered fish and fried chicken.

After, we ambled over to Showcase Jazz, which featured straight ahead jazz (I am still unclear of the distinction). The bar was more upscale and the clientele somewhat more dressed up. J and I were a little surprised at the much older demographics – though the crowd was probably still at least a decade younger than the opera group. Heh. Perhaps something ought to be said for our taste in music. The band was pretty inspired, particularly the dude on the piano. But a lousy Manhatton on, we strolled over to Close Up 2.

We didn’t stay for long there – though I liked the contemporary jazz with the new remixes of familiar old tunes, the others weren’t much fans. Besides, the layout of the bar – long and narrow – was not conducive for a sit back and relax atmosphere. We stood in a line, pressed against the wall, for a couple numbers then beat it.

Jumped onto the trolley to the next club, Andy’s, where we stopped briefly for a refresher before hopping onto the trolley again to head north to Green Mill. In a past life, I used to go almost once a week, but that was ages ago.

Caught two bands at GM, and really enjoyed both. The first, the Rs liked so much they wanted to hire them for their wedding anniversary party at Duckhorn. Haha. That would be fun!


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