Trapeze Class Number Two

When I take the bar method gym class, I am constantly wincing up at the clock, willing the hands to move faster. At the end of class, though I relish the sore muscles, I never look forward to signing up for the next session.

Happily, trapeze is on the other end of the exercise spectrum. I wish we could meet twice, instead of just once a week, so I would have more opportunities to perfect my technique. Last night, I actually went online to see if I could buy and install a trapeze bar at home, but all I could find were either the kiddy sets or the hospital bed variety. Bah. I did end up getting a chin up bar though, to practice my straight leg lifts on!

In the second class last night, we added quite a handful more tricks to our list – we learnt to stand on the bar, hang upside down like an angel, a candlestick, the one arm hold, and started learning the full body beats that should eventually send your straight body rotating round the bar like a windmill. 🙂

Because I have the strength, some of the moves that supposedly require more arms and abs work come much easier to me, but I still struggle with moves like the gazelle where I can’t let go of the fear that my short legs can’t quite wrap around the rope enough to support my body weight. Haha at this point, I am not even working on trying to look lithe and graceful – I just want to master the moves!


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