Of hot tea, some wine, and comedy

The week started off strongly – the 2nd last lesson of Trapeze I, followed by an evening out with some coworkers to The Tasting Room, where we managed several platefuls of nibbles and three bottles of wine between four people. We sipped a bottle of the Maurice Veselle, which, at a retail of roughly $40, is a most excellent steal. Fresh notes of green apple and hints of nutmeg; paired beautifully with the warm cranberry brie. Next, we tried a bottle of the Raptor Ridge Pinot Noir. Dark for a pinot noir, it was robust but smooth. Utterly delicious, such that I have to hunt down more bottles to store. We capped the evening off with a bottle of Super Tuscan, Le Volte, which was pretty damn good too. I’m not usually a fan of Super Tuscans, given the strong tannins, but this one had a much softer, palatable finish.

But the cold I’d been trying to fight off won over on Wednesday, and I succumbed to a mild fever. I can’t remember the last time I’ve broken out into alternating chills and sweats; it was pretty frustrating trying to sleep. So on Thursday, I called in sick, and spent the rest of the day snuggled in bed/throwing off the covers in a fit… and watching several episodes of ABC TV on the iPad.

Regretfully, the throat’s still a bitch this Friday, so I had to pull out of my company’s Southern Rhone Wine Tasting. After too much sleep the day before though, a full evening at home seemed too interminably long, so we bundled up and walked the couple blocks to watch iO’s Improvised Shakespeare.

Goodness! My throat was hurting even worse by the end of the play, but I couldn’t stop laughing! It’s been too long since I’ve seen improvised comedy, and the title play this evening, “The Salamander’s Revenge”, got me all excited about improv again. It won’t be too long till the next time we watch another play, we can be sure of that (especially with the groupon offers). 🙂


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