Time Warp Time Again

Thanks to daylight savings, the sun is setting at the depressingly early time of 430pm.

Still, it was nice to have that extra hour hour of sleep in this morning, particularly after the late night last night.

I tried my best to recuperate from that lingering cold during the day Saturday, but enforced rest makes me grumpy. I don’t know how some people can laze around all weekend every weekend; I need to be out and about!

Saturday evening, we headed down to Navy Pier to catch Conrad Anker’s Wildest Dream, a documentary which examined the possibility of George Mallory being the first person to ascent Everest. It was a somewhat slow moving film, but I relished the panoramas of Everest from the glacier moraines on the Tibetan side, for it reminded me of my trek to base camp back in the day. Ah. Those good old days where my knees hadn’t yet failed me! Now, I can barely walk down 5 flights of stairs before they start to groan in agony. Gah.

Afterwards, Joe, Ben, Jeff and I met up with Liguel in Chinatown, where we hurriedly wolfed down a filling but yummy dinner before we headed to Aloft, for the 10pm performance of El Circo Cheapo. šŸ™‚ Easily the highlight of my – and perhaps all of our – week.

Pictures courtesy of Joe, who is now also inspired to take up some classes on the trapeze. šŸ™‚

From 11-06-10 El Circo Cheapo
From 11-06-10 El Circo Cheapo
From 11-06-10 El Circo Cheapo
From 11-06-10 El Circo Cheapo

Aren’t the pictures inspiring? Jeff and I got home and promptly tried to practice some sets on our pull up bar, but sadly we didn’t get very far…

This morning, after dim sum with some coworkers, we headed out to VE, where we spent the next few hours climbing with Joe. After a month’s hiatus on the wall, my stamina was nowhere to be found. And it was disheartening and frustrating to see the boys easily reach for holds that I had to make three/four extra moves to get to. There was one route especially, a 10c, that was next to a crack. While the route setter’s note didn’t exclude the use of the cracks, Joe thought that the climb wouldn’t have been a 10c with the use of the cracks. But how else was I to reach some of the reachier holds otherwise? And it was still a tough execution nonetheless! Anyway, at that moment, I suddenly found myself appreciating the trapeze more. On the bars, it doesn’t matter how tall you are – what matters is your strength, agility, and flexibility. Which can all be trained/built up. Whereas I can’t make myself grow taller.


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