A Chicken Rice Thanksgiving

I don’t remember who initiated the idea of monthly cook-outs, but it was inspired. And very fun. So, sometime 4-5 months ago, Kathy, Maggie, Jeff and I decided that we’d cook dinners together once a month, since every time we got together, we just yakked non-stop about food. Thus far, we’ve had fondue, hot pot, beef stew… and this month, we decided we’d celebrate Thanksgiving.

Since we were meeting the Saturday before Thanksgiving, we didn’t really need to stick that closely with tradition. So the main meat of the night was chicken. Hainanese Chicken. πŸ™‚

We made apple pie for dessert… can’t forget the dessert… nor the vanilla bean ice cream to dump on top of the sizzling hot pie

Boiling the chicken

Pretending to chop the chicken (I did the actual work)

What is dinner without a glass of wine? For this occasion, we broke out the Cloudy Cape Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand. Deliciously crisp with mouthfuls of green apples… reminds me of the H2O Clearwater Shower Gel I have in my shower… Mmm.

Dinner was yummilicious! And now we’ve realized how easy – and delectable – chicken rice is to make, I dare say we’d be making them on a fairly regular basis. The rice is just too tasty!


3 thoughts on “A Chicken Rice Thanksgiving

  1. Well, I would say once a week for chicken rice is really bad. That means you eat 4 times a mth! Try twice a month. πŸ˜› Speaking of which.. I haven’t been eating chicken rice. Haha…

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