Vivie’s Wedding Weekend in Destin

From Random

This was possibly the funnest wedding I’ve been to! It’s hard to top an entire weekend by the beach, in a gi-normous beach house complete with heated pool, down in sunny Florida instead of rainy and cold Chicago. Add to the mix the bride, a really close old friend, and a small intimate bunch of old and new friends (and a dozen bottles of wine), you’ve got the recipe for a fantastic wedding.

They wanted a small cosy wedding, so they had a total of 28 guests. It was an informal, but elegant affair. Everything was DIY – the flowers (I helped make the wedding bouqet! :)), the gorgeous wooden arbor M’s dad constructed and placed on the beach, the Omaha steaks served at the reception, and even the beautiful wedding cake V’s friend made. A little after two in the sunny but cool afternoon, everyone trooped the 2 blocks to the white sandy beach set against the brilliant, empty blue sea, and the wedding officiant conducted an expedient 5-minute ceremony.


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