Of opera cake and opera

Except for going out to Liguel’s tonight to hang out with the climbing folk before we see them again next year, we pretty much stayed in the entire weekend, snoozing and lounging on the couch, while watching back to back operas from my DVD collection. I went through 6 operas, even seeing La Traviata twice. 🙂

On Saturday night, Liguel came over and joined us and K&M for our monthly cook-in. Kathy made bell peppers stuffed with beef, while I roasted a duck stuffed with orange and carrots. Maggie out-did herself this time, with a delicious rum-soaked opera cake. It was so tasty, we completely over gorged, and had to spend literally half the night trying to digest. It was nearly 4am before we called it a night. Little wonder we had no energy to go climbing today…

Anyway, 3 more days before the epic adventure of 2010. 🙂 NEW ZEALAND! Can’t wait to chase in the new year by the beach, with roaring campfire and some of my favorite people.


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