A quick look back at 2010

2010 was a year of milestones.

1. I moved back to Chicago, 1.5 years after quitting my job and relocating back to Singapore

2. I bought a car together with Jeff. I don’t know if anyone else has changed cars more often than I have – 4 in 4 years. First the little Chevy Prizm that I totaled after 8 months of driving, then the hulking Honda CRV that I sold in SF right before I returned to Singapore, then my economic and green Prius that I had to take a loan out for because cars in Singapore are so freaking expensive, and now a sporty Subaru Impreza

3. Jeff and I spent the bulk of spring house hunting with our friend/agent L, before succeeding and settling on one in June

4. Outfitting the house to make it truly personal and comfortable

5. Attending three close friends’ weddings – in Chicago, Singapore, and Florida. Unfortunately, I had to miss out on a few other friends’ weddings that I would sincerely have loved to attend

6. Working at a job that I truly enjoy

7. Lost a few friendships – without any understanding as to why, but at least it seems like they dropped the entire circle of friends, and not just me. But more importantly, gained some new ones and re-established and reaffirmed old ones. Thank you for an amazing year.

8. Ending the year with a big bang – the New Zealand adventure with close friends and family

What will 2011 bring? Actually, I have no clue, but I am not in a hurry to figure something out at this point.


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