Happy year of the rabbit

Gone are the days where I would eagerly look forward to crazy road trips/weekend getaways. I’m either getting old or I need a change of scenery from the blah flat Midwest.

Anyway, at the last minute, J and I decided to scrap plans to go up to Munising to ice climb this past weekend. For one, J isn’t a big fan of the sport, having tried it once in Sandstone in sub-sub freezing conditions. For another, our car was still kinda stuck in the driveway after the crazy blizzard, and neither of us felt neighborly enough to shovel out the snow.

And road conditions was still kinda sketchy. We even cancelled plans for a hot pot dinner at home on Thursday because friends didn’t/couldn’t drive out and we couldn’t get groceries. Instead, at the last minute, we took the train to Chinatown and spent the evening with another merry group to herald in the new year.

Saturday, someone finally came through the alley with a snow plow. ๐Ÿ™‚ I really needed to be out and about, to enjoy the bonanza of snow instead of swearing under my breath every time I tried to navigate the sidewalks. So we made the short 2 hour drive to Berrien County Michigan, for a spot of cross country skiing.

Just what the doctor ordered. Our moods were high as we swished and slid our way across the pristine, fluffy white snow, exchanging smiles and pleasantries with everyone we passed. There is so something very relaxing and appealing about wandering around the snow covered trees, more so than a walk through the very same bit of woods in the summer.

We completed all 7.5 miles of the trails in good time, and headed back to Chicago to meet up with people for another new year dinner. Hoping to go out again this weekend, and we are now very sorely tempted to purchase our own skis. Just think – I would also then be able to ski to work in the next storm!

Sunday, we joined two of my coworkers at their bi-weekly Sunday exercise: two hours of yoga! Aye, I couldn’t help checking my watch every five minutes to see how much time was left. While I can see the benefits of the workout, I think I shall stick to activities that are actually fun. Heh. Like climbing, which J and I brought them to do after yoga. ๐Ÿ™‚ after four hours of that, we were ravenous enough to go to L&M’s for our third new year dinner of the year.


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