Sunshine in Madrid

This trip to Spain is courtesy of United mileage, and Jeff. Jeff, because he planned every step of the way. He meticulously researched the places to go to, mapped out the directions, and found the hotels. Chuck and I just tagged along.

After a long-ass flight and stopover in DC, we arrived in Madrid at 730am. The sun was only just beginning to rise. We picked up the rental, a brand new Mercedes hatchback with all of 14 km on it, and drove into the city. It was dead quiet when we arrived; nary a soul was in sight as we strode towards Plaza de Mayo, in desperate need for some nourishment and caffeine.

We found some in a tiny cafe in the main square, and the cafe con leche we ordered was just the thing. It always surprises me when I drink coffee that tastes so smooth it just slides down my throat. I’ve settled far too long for lousy, burnt American coffee! The iberico ham sandwich I ordered was divine too. It was just ham slid in between plain slices of baguette, but the ham was savory and had the smoky and stinky quality of aged manchego.

Afterwards, we strolled around the narrow windy cobblestone streets, admiring the charm of the old architecture, and found some sherry to sip on in a market. I love Spain already!


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