Coldest Spring in 66 Years

Apparently, it’s been the coldest May in Chicago in the last 66 years. Certainly felt like it on the lake front tonight, while we were out on the trapeze rig. Bah! I had to bring out my down jacket for the occasion. And it’s mid spring!

By the end of the evening, my toes were completely numb. But we all wore huge grins on our faces. What a blast! Jeff’s gotten his hawk’s down knee hang trick down pat; Y’s nailed her third trick, the set split; and I learnt my 4th trick, the set straddle whip! 🙂 Can’t wait to go back out again, and hopefully it would have FINALLY warmed up.


2 thoughts on “Coldest Spring in 66 Years

  1. Ha, today’s a powder day at A-Basin, with 8 inches overnight and still counting.

    And A-Basin is planning to open weekends throughout June and perhaps even July, until the snow melts. So if you want some summer skiing…

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