Well, at least the world isn’t about to end

Ok. Gotta keep things in perspective. The weather for my much anticipated Boundary Waters canoeing trip this weekend may be terrible, but we’d still be out in the wilderness. It’s a luxury that not many people can afford. Especially those that have been hard hit by the historical number of tornadoes in the south.

To be honest, I’d been toying with the idea of joining a one-week storm chasing tour, ala Twister. The idea had seemed all adventurous and exhilarating at the time – finding tornadoes on the radar screen and trying to drive directly into the heart of it. But now, it seems kinda callous… too many people have lost too much for me to desire making a sport of it.

Still, it’s been the worst spring in years. Not just in Chicago, but world-wide. So many storms, droughts, floods, earthquakes, eruptions… We have managed to make the most of it though, all things considered. Lucked out with a bit of dry window last weekend, when we got down to Kentucky for some climbing. Wasn’t the most rigorous and strenuous of our climbing trips; we only climbed 5 different routes over 2 days. But we were still thankful to be down in the warmth and sunshine, in spite of all the silliness and particularities of the friends who went down with us that, for a while, nearly threatened the trip.


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