Die Walkure

Although we hadn’t planned to stay for the entire opera (being 5 hours long, it would have meant getting home after midnight on a workday), I was still very disappointed when we packed up to leave after the second act of Robert Lepage’s new production of Die Walkure. It was conducted under the esteemed James Levine, who is celebrating his 40th year at the Met but who has also cut back most of his conducting because of his back and other health related troubles.

It was such a treat, and I am beginning to understand people’s die hard love for the Wagner Ring Cycles. The music is just so stunning and evocative, and the drama so compelling. And I thought that the enormous (45-ton) stage setting was put to much better use this time – I especially loved how the planks rearranged themselves first to give the illusion of a sloping roof, then to tall and forbidding woods in which Siefried and Seglinde try to escape from Hunding.

I cannot wait for the last two of the Cycle next year!


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