Weekend in the city

“I’m getting a little tired of having to drive 10 hours to get to anywhere fun… it’s time to move…” I was half grousing to Tracey on Sunday night, when she and Roger had us over for a French home-cooked meal. “What are you talking about? There’s tons to do in the city!” Tracey was half joking of course. She empathized; they’ve been looking forward to moving to Colorado for years, where there is climbing and skiing in abundance.

Still, we did end up having a relaxing weekend in town, after having travelled the past two weekends (to Kentucky and then to Minnesota). It was nice to have a bit of a breather, since Jeff was leaving for South East Asia on Monday, and I was flying to Boston the following weekend.

We kicked off Friday with a surprise birthday party Kathy threw Maggie, in Maggie’s friend’s apartment back in HP. Even though we hadn’t met any of their friends before, we fell in pretty easily with the group, all PhDs finishing up at the U of C, and the hours passed quickly.

Saturday was sort of packed. We awoke early to check out the Farmer’s Market in Lincoln Park, then popped over to Sandy’s. Her mum had been in town, and had generously made some Zhongzi for us. So delicious! Somewhat inspired now to try making them ourselves… lest the skill disappears with our generation. But it’s such a time consuming effort! Haha. Anyway, we also squeezed in a haircut in the AM, and in the early afternoon, popped over to the Museum of Science and Industry for the Body Works Exhibit. I’ve been to the exhibit when it was in Singapore, so nothing really astounded me. Jeff enjoyed it though. I was more taken with the U-Boat exhibit and wished we had more time to properly walk through everything, including the interior of the boat itself.

On Sunday, we started the morning with a bang – went for a bike ride along the lake. It was a gorgeous day out. Windy and cool. We would have ridden longer, if not for some organized run that completely blocked off sections of the lakefront. Afterwards, we had planned to go climbing, but inertia quickly set in. I spent the rest of the day on the couch, reading and watching two operas. At least we went out in the evening though – to Roger and Tracey’s for dinner.


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