Pullover Shoot on the Flying Trapeze

From Flying Trapeze

Y’s back from vacation, so she came out with me to the trapeze rig again. K and J stopped by also.

Learnt a new trick tonight, the pullover shoot. The above’s a video of my second attempt at it; I couldn’t keep my balance on the bar and fell. Bleah. I wish I had more time to work on the trick, but because of the big class today and the large number of first timers, things moved at a glacial pace and so I didn’t get to try as many practice swings. So I caught on the planche (what I mistakenly thought was called plunge) instead. Ah well. Itching to get back on and nail that pullover shoot!!! So, so tempted to sign up for the intensive flying workshop, just so we could move at a faster pace… Hehe.


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