Burma Superstar in San Francisco

Before we left for the airport, Bruce picked us up for a quick spin around the city before he brought us to one of his favorite go to places in Richmond, Burma Superstar. I think this is the first time I’ve had Burmese food, and I’m hooked. Gotta try to find a restaurant in Chicago.

For drinks, we had the ginger infused beer, which was most refreshing (although, we still found the ginger beer at Dux de Lux hard to beat).

For appetizers, we had an Indian-inspired vegetarian somusa soup that was most satisfying. It had just a tinge of lemon grass to it. We also ordered the tea leaf salad, which was topped with peanuts and crunchy fried garlic. Delicious (and I’m regretting not to order a plate to go to eat on the plane). For the main course, we had the spicy chicken with basil sauteed in lemongrass, garlic and sweet peas. Even though I had gone into the restaurant feeling stuffed from a disappointing dim sum in Chinatown just an hour earlier, I couldn’t help but dig into the dishes Bruce ordered.


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