California Dreamin’

Currently on the flight back to Chicago, writing this (all all the other CA posts) courtesy of Chromebook and Virgin American’s in-flight wifi system.

I’m already missing California. Thankfully at least, we’ll be returning to a Chicagoan summer, and there’s lots of sailing and flying trapezing to look forward to over the next few months before the weather turns south again.

But I can’t wait to move out west. The beautiful weather year round, the plethora of excellent Chinese cuisine, the close access to the vineyards (even better, the possibility of one day owning a vineyard), the amazing scenery and varied geography. Even driving on the highways were a pleasure. Vs in the midwest, where we just had flat lands stretching out into the distance, the roads here are windy, hilly, and never boring. There’s the coastal scenery, the in-land mountain ranges…

Gotta start the planning!


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