Driving up Highway 1

They say Highway 1 is the most scenic drive in North America… I didn’t really take much stock in that until we drove up it ourselves, from Paso Robles to the famed coastal road. The drive over the arid brown mountain ranges to the coast reminded us of the mountain ranges we drove across from Malaga to Cordoba in Spain. And when we got to the coast, the shimmering blue waters alongside the craggy hills reminded us of the drive from Marlborough to Kaikoura in New Zealand (although, we didn’t have to drive through fog in NZ).

Fog rolling in fast in the distance

We met up with Bruce at the Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park, for some hiking amongst the redwood trees. It was wonderful to meet up with Bruce again; the last time I had seen him was when he came down to Singapore for a short visit.

Everyone wanted to hike down to the waterfall by the beach, but there was no permitted access down the steep slopes. A few boys made the steep descent down anyway, but a ranger was already on hand to apprehend them when they finally came back up. According to the ranger, just the day before, some joker had to be evacuated out by helicopter because he’d hurt himself scrambling down the slopes.


3 thoughts on “Driving up Highway 1

  1. That made me so jealous – I love the coastal California landscape too.

    There’s another coastal waterfall, Alamere Falls, at Point Reyes north of San Francisco – I went there last year and at low tide you can climb down to the beach and touch the falls.

    I am in the midst of planning a week-long backpacking trip to Yosemite, so maybe I’m not that jealous after all.

  2. Mark hates camping.

    I’m going with a friend from college who lives in the Bay Area. We’ll get a small group together, but he’s agreed to a week in September and should have just put in the permit applications. It’s hard to get people to coordinate vacation schedules.

    It should make for an absurdly amusing week.

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