El Circo Cheapo, Bigger and Badder

From July 2011 El Circo Cheapo
From July 2011 El Circo Cheapo

Aloft’s moved to a much bigger studio, and we caught their July El Circo Cheapo at the new space. What an amazing show! It was the best we’ve seen yet, replete with my favorite aerial performances: silks, trapeze, straps, and even a double pole routine (not of the sleazy stripper style thank goodness!).

Our $10 seats were on the floor, right at the edge of the performing space, which put us up close and personal with the action. Loved it! In fact, both Jeff and I agreed that this show was much more thrilling than yesterday’s OVO, which, for all the seemingly effortless grace of the performers, seemed a little too tame. I mean, they had this really cool looking flying trapeze rig in OVO, but the act felt way too short and boring. There weren’t enough triple somersaults or backflips or those tricks that we learnt in trapeze class. Haha. We definitely had more of those outright gasps at tonight’s show, especially watching the beautiful double straps/silks act.


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