Life is good

Beautiful summer weekend. 🙂

This past week’s been hot. Like walking into a furnace kind of hot. 100 degree weather, where the hot air feels like a blanket you can’t shake off. Thankfully, the ferocious night storms during the night the past few nights cooled the temperatures down. By the time we emerged from our cool apartment on Saturday afternoon, the remnants of the storm had blown past, and the sun was out shining again.

Perfect conditions for sailing! We took out the 10-person J-34 and rounded up enough friends to join us on board for a leisurely sail past North Avenue beach and back. There was a nice breeze going, despite the somewhat dismal wind forecast.

In the evening, we met up with some other friends in Chinatown for dinner before the whole group decided on the spur of the moment to congregate back at our place. We broke out bottles of wine and spent the rest of the evening in peals of laughter, playing dirty pictionary. Heh.


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