C’s in town!

She and CT arrived early Saturday morning. We picked them up from the airport, and after a quick wash up, shoved them into the car for brunch at VB.

Despite them having come from hot and muggy Singapore, or perhaps because, they both whined about the heat. Heh, but even though it really was quite warm out, both Jeff and I didn’t mind. I’m a little sad that summer’s already half over! Everyday, the sunset starts a few minutes earlier. I get a little depressed thinking about the impending dark and cold. Hah.

In the evening, we dragged them out to Ravinia for a concert recital of Tosca. Heh I admit I’m a little selfish in this regard, knowing that C is not a big fan of opera. But it’s Tosca! And we could picnic! S&M, Rach, Li&M, joined us as well, so it made for a cozy evening on the grass. We had a spread of food and wine. Lovely evening, and I was happy that I had, just a week earlier, watched the Met streaming of the opera at the theater, for I was then able to follow the entire plot without looking at the surtitles. πŸ™‚

On Sunday, after brunch at Pho 888 (which both girls thoroughly enjoyed), we joined Tracey and friends out on the water on the J34. Third time out on the big boat; still clumsy at the maneuvering but we’ll get there. We had some wind for the first hour or so, but then it completely died. 😦 in the end, we motored back into the harbor to avoid going beyond our time. I think while the two girls admired the view of the Chicago skyline, they weren’t that pumped about the heat.

In the evening, while they headed downtown to catch Chinglish, Jeff and I made use of the time to hang out with L&M again. We tried out a new restaurant, La Ciudad, on Sunnyside and Sheridan. While the neighborhood is somewhat seedy, the food was fantastic. I especially enjoyed my Oaxacan Tamale with mole sauce. And it’s BYOB too – we bought a bottle of tequila from Jewel down the block and they made margaritas for us. Will definitely go back again – and C has been asking to eat Mexican. πŸ™‚


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