More Trapezing

The second last class of the season; I need to find an “urban garden” themed costume for our show in two weeks! Bleah. What to be??? I think I might be lazy and just go as a “Yield” road sign.

Practiced my swinging for the most part today; I still get quite confused when I try to lay all the steps together. Aye. Happily, at least I was still able to catch on the backend straddle whip with a half swing.

We had to end class slightly earlier than usual, because of the lightnings that kept inching closer. It was quite a sight to see actually. The dark grey clouds almost glowing against the orange sunset, and the bright streaks of lightning that flashed intermittently. Thankfully, I cycled back in the nick of time.

…and oh, I found this old post, dating back to the summer of 2006, when I first toyed with the idea of trying the flying trapeze. Haha. The idea ultimately fizzled then, in part because they said I couldn’t wear my glasses while flying – but I wouldn’t have been able to see clearly to enjoy the experience! Hehe, that’s another reason why lasik rocks… climbing, diving, and flying trapezing.


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