Trapeze and Trampoline

I’d wanted the Cs to try trapezing, confident that they’d like it once they swung. Cris was a little reluctant at the idea at first; she’s afraid of heights. But when I told her we could sign up for the LivingSocial deal and try the trampoline too, she was game.

Hehe, and what a blast they had! Sue, who joined us, also had a ball. Given the sheer number of people in the class, we didn’t get that many turns on the trapeze. Only two swings before the catch. No matter – it was enough for the girls to get the hang of the knee hang, and I got in a couple more practices of the backend straddle whip and caught.

The trampoline was awesome too. Not so much in the thrill, but it is a great workout! We learnt how to jump into a pike, land on our asses in the pike position, and bounce back up. I even got to try a backflip – fun stuff!

At first, Cris was tempted to sign up for the trampoline class on Sunday afternoon. But after she tried the trapeze, she got over her fear of heights and wanted to get in more swinging instead. That, and she really wanted a video of her catch. Hehe.


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