End of Trapeze IFW 1

Tonight was the last class of our current intensive flying workshop (IFW), the last one before our performance on Saturday.

I worked mainly on the pullover shoot and the back end straddle whip, the two tricks I’m hoping to catch on Saturday. My latter trick wasn’t as smooth today; my trapezoids are still mighty sore from the workout on Sunday. At least, that’s the excuse. Heh. Also managed to get in a practice swing of the back end split, which at least is looking better.

After class, Jeff joined us for the trampoline class. We mainly worked on the same tricks we learnt on Sunday – seat drops, back flips. I love that it’s such a great cardio workout. And now I’m completely wiped out. Whew.

This is me not making the catch, because I didn’t pump hard enough to propel myself off the bar. Boo.


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