Wines from the Southern Hemisphere

Right after the tasting at work, I headed over to Eric and Abby’s, where they hosted us again for wine tasting. When we were last over, it was a blustery late spring evening, so we had to sequester ourselves indoors, away from their lovely backyard with the inviting heat lamp, tiki lamps, and swings (oh how I want to move to the suburbs, not to live out the depressing life of a soccer mum, but for the opportunities a backyard can offer… Think al fresco dining, grilling, space for a giant trampoline…).

Anyway, there were 8 of us this time around, with 9 bottles of red wine from the southern hemisphere. Thank goodness we got nowhere close to finishing all 9; we ended the night with 6. I didn’t particularly want to lie in bed all day nursing a hangover, though my schedule now allowed for it since the planned trapeze show I was going to be in in the evening had just been canceled because of the awful weather forecast. 😦 Still sore about that, if you can’t tell. After a week of gloriously cool and breezy weather during which I was cooped up in the office, the weather gods had to literally rain on my parade today. Such a cruel tease! And I won’t be able to make the rescheduled show since we’d be enroute to Santa Fe then.

I digressed. The wines were decent: Jeff and my favorite for the evening was the 2008 Mohua Central Otago Pinot Noir we brought. Gorgeous pink color, with bright aromas of strawberries. It went down so smoothly with the creamy blue cheese and fig jam spread Adam and Mary brought.

We started the evening indoors, because of the threatening drizzle. But when we broke out the bottle of Australian Shiraz Miguel brought, the sheer jamniness of the wine inspired Eric to bust out his grill to make us desserts of coconut infused grilled pineapple on beds of vanilla ice cream. Or, as Mary said, happiness on a plate. By then, the rain clouds had passed, so we moved the graphing table of food for 20 out into the yard.

The rest of the evening passed by in delightful blur. I was content to just sit under the cabana, watching the flickering flame of the tiki lamp and enjoying the cool night air. How many more weeks of such beautiful weather can we enjoy, before we plunge into the cold and darkness again? I’m wearying of Chicago winters. Anyway, by the time we moved to leave, it was already 2am.


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