Intensive Flying Workshop II

Today was the first class of my second intensive flying workshop. All new faces; the others in my previous class decided to move to the weekend classes. While it’s kind of a rush for me to get to the rig by 6pm on a weekday, it’s impossible to fly on a regular basis on the weekends. As it is, starting from the last weekend of August, when we’ll be in Santa Fe, through the last weekend of September, we’re away every single weekend. There’s Santa Fe, then Seattle and Vancouver, and Kentucky. 🙂

Anyway, it was fun to meet the new people. And tonight was a gorgeous evening to fly. Cloudless, but with a soft breeze, and it was beautiful to watch the blue skies tint orange and purple before settling into a violet blue.

No new tricks for me today – just worked on my swings (finally got the hang of it!), back end straddle whip (caught!), pullover (caught!), and the back end split which I’m still trying to nail. None too fond of the back end split though… I think it’s boring and I’m completely graceless at it. I’m itching to learn something new… not a back end of some set tricks – hopefully a penny roll…


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