Sidney’s in town

An old college buddy, Sidney, came to town this past weekend and stayed with us. It was fun to catch up and hang out again.

On Saturday evening, after most of the storms had passed, we ventured into Wicker Park for dinner at Mirai. The food was decent, but we are looking forward to our trip to Vancouver in two weeks, where we plan to stuff our faces full of sushi every single day.

Afterwards, we strolled up to Violet Hour for a couple drinks. The hostess told us there might be a short wait, and so we crossed the street to Big Star to sample some of the much talked about tacos. They were indeed yummy. We’ve got to come back for a proper meal, because we had to hurriedly shove the tacos into our mouths when Violet Hour called.

I love that place. We haven’t been back since February last year, because of the long wait. But I guess the trick is to just show up earlier, because the drinks are so worth it! Best cocktails ever. I first had a rum concoction with grapefruit and chocolate bitters, and Jeff had a tequila cocktail with creme menthe that tasted like liquid dessert. Sidney got a cocktail with frothy egg white that was so fun, I asked for it in my next cocktail with gin. I think both Jeff and I would have happily ordered another one after two each. Hehe.

This morning, we headed down to Minghin for dim sum and to show Sidney how much Chinatown had developed over the past 7 years since he’s last been back. It was a good thing we got there early, since a long line had formed when we left. Seemed like everyone thought dim sum was the thing to have today, since we also bumped into Rita and friends, who were waiting in line for Minghin, and Alex and his wife, who had just finished dim sum at Happy Chef.

We dropped Sidney off at Millennium Park, since it hadn’t been completed by the time he left, and came back for our third trampoline class. We learnt a bunch of new tricks today, including the backdrops (Jeff aced that), and the knee drop to handstand (to eventually forward roll). Great workout as usual, but I can’t wait for the next trapeze class on Tuesday, especially since Chris said he’d teach me the penny roll. 🙂


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